Building Content Platforms

to innovate and inspire brand recognition

We can't inspire the world ourselves, but we can help others build their platform and inspire the world at scale.

What is Kvibe Go Live?

Kvibe Go Live is a complete content platform building solution that entails human collaboration. We help you build your brand with engaging content offering a variety of format such as news, sports, talk shows, virtual events, demo presentations, education, and etc.. We do all the work for you from branding, marketing, hosting solutions, capturing, recording, and content distribution. Whether you choose to go "Live" or "Pre-recorded", we help produce, direct, and execute. All you need to do is share an idea and concept, we do everything else for you from start to delivery and beyond. Our imagination is our limitation.

To give you a more visual understanding, let's imagine that you want to make professional branded content that is more than a “zoom call” or “webinar” type of quality of the likes of CNN, ESPN, NBC,  CBS, and etc. Imagine a virtual event where every virtual room feels like a well thought presented showcase that delivers a memorable experience. Imagine being able to create unlimited amounts of viewing channels and/or distribute content to whichever platform you wish. Imagine packing up a concert hall, except there are unlimited seats for the entire world to experience. Imagine being able to control who you want to reach and monetize your content in unlimited ways. Imagine having the same capabilities as what a multi-million dollar network would have with just a computer, phone, and a microphone. Well, you can stop imagining! Kvibe Go Live is the platform to bring your creative ideas to life.

It's not about the tools, it's about how you use the tools.

Meet The Team

Khoa Le
CEO / Producer / Director

Jean Cingari
Production Consultant 

Natasha Sherritt-LIcari
Production Consultant 

Stevenson Guillau
Senior Photo & Video Operations Manager

Khoi Le
Senior Application and Web Developer

Joe Nunez
Photography Manager and Graphic Artist

Taras Panchenkto
Senior Video Editor | Post Flow Manager

Marc Falcon
Senior Video Editor | Producer

Natalia Delgado
Senior Lead Producer

Tanatad Pruktaveesub
Director of Photography

Egor Morozov
Director of Photography

Frank Licari

Jason Ducusin
Director / Cinematographer

Aleksandr Villamariona

Marcia Rosa

Sol Romano
Video Editor / Argentina Post Lead

NIcole Pometti
Video and Podcast Editor

Marcia Rosa

Joel Zaro
Director / Cinematographer

Nathan Supan

A dream team we are so lucky to have!

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Kvibe Studios soft opening video discussing our purpose


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